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Smile with confidence with experienced teeth straightening! 
With modern technology adults can take advantage of teeth straightening and have the straight beautiful smile they have always dreamed of. 
While traditional braces are an option, most adults don’t want to spend two years with metal braces in their mouth. Except for the most difficult cases (which are rare), Dr. Ortman can treat adults with  Clear Removable Aligners, the clear alternative to braces, or Fastbraces, teeth straightening which can be completed in 3-12 months. 
Complimentary Consultation 
Dr. Ortman offers a complimentary consultation for you to discuss your objectives for your smile and teeth and to review the different treatment options.
Frequently Asked Questions 
How much time does it take to get my teeth straightened? 
Traditional braces take an average of two years. Clear removable aligners take an average of 18 months. Fastbraces take about 12 months. If only a small amount of tooth movement is needed for moderately crooked teeth, you will wear your braces for less time. Fastbraces can take as little as 3 months for some cases!
How much does it cost?
Many dental insurance plans cover the cost of braces and we offer great financing options as well. Generally, the less treatment you need and the less time involved, the less the cost.
Are braces painful? 
Braces do not hurt at all when they are applied to teeth and there is usually very mild soreness or discomfort after a braces wire is engaged into the newly placed brackets, lasting a few days to one week. There can be mild discomfort right after a wire adjustment. With the Fastbraces® technology, even that mild discomfort has been reduced. 
All tooth movement can create a mild feeling of discomfort, although most people report little to no discomfort, but there is no actual pain. 
What is the difference between braces and Clear Aligners? Which is best for me? 
Braces use wires held in by brackets to create tooth movement. Removable Clear Aligners use clear, high-grade plastic trays that fit tightly over your teeth but can be removed. 
Clear Aligners are an alternative to braces but they cannot handle all cases. Dr. Ortman can assess whether Clear Aligners will work to achieve the smile you want in a way that maintains the integrity of your bite. As we can treat crooked teeth with all the tools for teeth straightening, we can help you choose the best option for you. 
What do I have to do? 
The first step is our complimentary consultation to discuss your goals and the treatment options available for you. We will create a treatment plan for you and once treatment is agreed upon you will get the necessary x-rays, impressions and photos to begin your treatment. You will have your braces placed or receive your Clear Aligner trays and be assigned a schedule of visits to get your braces adjusted or your next lot of Clear Aligner trays. 
We provide full patient education and help is available just a phone call away. 

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